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Bibione at Expo 2015

"Bibione 5 aquae" is the new brand with which Bibione participate exposure Aquae Venice in 2015, the international exhibition dedicated to water and its life forms, sponsored by Expo Milano 2015 and promoted by Expo Venice.
From 3 May to 31 October 2015, in an exhibition space of 50 square meters, will be told the great natural heritage of our beach, a heritage enclosed by five water able to blend into each other and give unique natural scenery: from the river Tagliamento, the unique biodiversity so as to have aroused the interest of UNESCO, which flows into the Adriatic Sea, in the salt waters and certified, to the west, are intertwined with those of brackish lagoons and the Venetian coastline, waterway that marks the border hinterland of Bibione, where the same gush natural thermal waters. Microcosms made of water and light, reed huts and picturesque, flight of herons and flamingos, rhythms placid, not far from the sparkling downtown streets and the beach, from the infinite expanse of golden sand, fine but mostly autochthonous.