The long beach of fine golden sand, stretches for some 8 kilometers and connects Lignano Sabbiadoro in Lignano Riviera, crossing Lignano Pineda and the beach is precisely why the resort of Lignano is famous since the beginning of ‘1900. The beauty and purity of water, certified by the Blue Flag assigned consecutively in the last 7 years, together with the characteristics of the sand, make that this is the ideal place to meet and spend their moments of leisure and relaxation, both for young and for families.

For those who love to walk enjoying the sun and walking with their feet in water, there is the possibility to drive along the beach throughout its length, pausing for a cool drink or a sandwich in many offices beach that occur every two hundred metres. The entrance to the beach is free, in the offices beach you can rent cabins, umbrellas, chairs and beds. Everything that makes your vacation an unforgettable moment.


Lignano Sabbiadoro with its wide beach digradante towards the sea, suitable for children, full of hotels, villas and apartments for every need, is the old city. Sabbiadoro is distinguished by a rich business proposition that characterizes the entire main street of the city, with shops, bars, restaurants, boutiques, arcades, squares, bars and nightclubs concert that make the easy usability their first raison d’etre. With numerous offices beach, located along the beach and equipped with cabins, beds, deck chairs and umbrellas, offer a wide range of possibilities for rental of equipment from the beach at prices varied. The guests have toilets and showers with hot and cold water (the latter available upon purchase of a special token). There are easier paths that connect the offices to bagnasciuga for beach access for wheelchair users and mothers with stroller. Activities playful-ginniche for both adults and children are organized along the beach. The Beach Arena, metal structure with about 3,000 seats, is the frame for major international sporting events and evening shows.


Lignano Pineta is famous for its plant urban spiral immersed in the green, work the architect Marcello D’Olivo and is still scope for example in the manuals of architecture. Pineda, is full of hotels, villas and apartments. An important commercial axis shops, bars, restaurants and more is the “train”, which cuts from north to south, the snail of Pineta. The “Park Hemingway”, the “Parco del Mare” and in general the strip of pine forest between the the first houses and the first hotels and the promenade, is attractive important locations. With nine bathing facilities, located along the beach and equipped with umbrellas, beds, deck chairs, chairs “director” and cabins, is offered a wide range of possibilities for hire Material from the beach at prices varied. A Pineda “holiday” have toilets and showers with cold water, warm and hot cleaned daily, walkways to the beach bagnasciuga for access for wheelchair users and mothers with stroller. It ‘also a qualified rescue service, with lifeguards equipped with skids of salvamento and turrets sighting. Activities of animation for adults and children are offered free of charge to bathers along the beach. The sand is cleaned daily pulispiaggia by machines and by lifeguards. At the bathrooms are also exposed data analysis of water second indications of FEE-“Blue Flag” and run the collection separate their waste. There are numerous schools and swimming and windsurfing rentals of canoes and pedal on the beach Pineta. A wharf at sea characterizes the beach, ideal for a walk “on water” until to bar “The Pagoda” and starting point for games like: banana, doughnut and parafly. A Pineda is finally a health emergency on the beach, connected with the regional rescue service 118.


Lignano Riviera, is the most quiet seaside resort of Lignano and is characterized by large green areas where you can stroll in the shade of beautiful plants. The beach is divided into six baths, each with its own bar and has approximately 3000 umbrellas widely spaced between them and intended use of residential customers; hotels and estate agents. The equipment have been completely renovated and updating continues from year to year. To maintain the characteristics required to conferral of the Blue Flag beach is sifted daily until the depth of 15 cm with machines pulispiaggia Beachtech conducted by highly qualified personnel. It’s also made separate collection of waste, there are walkways equipment and parking facilities for the disabled, bathrooms equipped with hot and cold showers and changing tables, areas confidential and equipped with new games for children, camps beach volleyball and soccer and also an accurate service rescue at sea with the presence of trained personnel even the use of defibrillators, supplied at the offices Beach. During the summer season are organized various entertainment activities free all offices Beach as the water and the awakening muscle for adults and activities “mini” and “baby parking” with “creative workshops”, theme parties and courses environmental awareness for children. In addition in the beach of Riviera you can subscribe to the school swimming and school sailing, rent mosconi and much more.