Drink n' food

The food tradition of Lignano but above all of the Friuli Venice Julia is made of thousand taste , it varies like the landscape of these lands, and is born from the marriage of three great food traditions: that mitteleurope, that one of Venice and that Yugoslav, to which one sturdy and spice popular kitchen from the simple and genuine plates prepared from people of the campaigns and mounts is placed side by side.

Many typical plates of the Trieste’s kitchen and Gorizia are reached from the Hasburg tradition: first, second, contours and cakes are in the food art of mitteleurope. Peculiar are also the Trieste’s food made up of fish, than the other marine zones are found obviously also in all, from Lignano to Grado.
Meats, cheese, sausages and legumes are to the base of the Friuli’s kitchen, all made up of simplicity of prescriptions and the genuiness of the products that the restaurant of the province of Udine and Pordenone has known how to value.

The Carnica kitchen has a part in the regional culinary art, tasty and spicy, it uses with fantasy the humble and genuine ingredients of the mountain, in particular way the mountain grass and products.

A well-known products of the FVG, famous all over the world, is the Prosciutto di San Daniele, known and exported, the Montasio cheese, whose authenticity is guaranteed from a quality and origin brand, and from the typical Frico cheese.

“A vineyard called Friuli”. It’s a right definition to look, in synthesis, the extreme variety and the great quality of the wine production of the region; eight are the zones of controlled denomination of origin, from which the excellent wines come, like the precious and rare Picolit and Ramandolo.

Sturdy red wine and perfumes white wine get together with the taste and good plates of the local and international restaurant.