Bike routes and nature

An image of the long cycle track that winds along Bibione: an ideal place for families to start trips by bike surrounded by nature.

Beach promenade
The promenade along the beach of Bibione can be laid back by foot, bike or rickshaw. It is an ideal spot form which to enjoy the view of the see.

On a rickshaw
The centre of Bibione offers several safe paths for rickshaws, where families can enjoy themselves far away from the car traffic.

Among the dunes
The pinewood of Bibione offers wonderful foreshortenings: it is an ideal place to discover on a walk or a bike trip. Here you can enjoy pure tranquillity and dive into an uncontaminated nature.

The Lighthouse

Latitude 45° 38,2′ N, Longitude 13° 05,9′ E: if you follow these co-ordinates plotted on nautical charts, you’ll find, close to a lighthouse, a small, white house inserted among the golden beach, the cobalt-blue sea and the emerald of the pine-wood. This is how the precious lighthouse of Bibione appears, built at the beginning of the 20th century not far from the mouth of the Tagliamento River and plunged in the naturalistic resource of the pinewood.

The environmental quality of this green area is the one of uniting different biotopes: in fact, thanks to the proximity of the river, ancient, Mediterranean plants blend with alpine flora and orchids, a sign of a perfectly balanced environment. The simple, white building stands out against the surrounding landscape: beach-goers regard it as a point of reference to take a walk, to come on holiday with their four-footed friend and to admire the striking landscape of the river mouth.

When the reassuring outline of the lighthouse appears in the distance among the cliffs, the sailors’ soul is pervaded with melancholic memories: although outdated and no longer in use, the lighthouse has borne since ancient times an important significance: a light in the darkness to guide sailors.

Point of reference for all those that sail on the sea, the lighthouse of Bibone can here be seein in a wonderful shot that enphasizes the beautiful nature surrounding it.


Bibione is not only sun and sea, but also nature. Not far from the river mouth, in the so-called Val Grande and Vallesina you can admire a unique, naturalistic resource: the pinewood, a wild and tangled vegetation, not altered by man and rich in atmosphere of the past. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to admire the pinewood in its full splendour.

The deep green of the Austrian pine, typical of the Alps and present in this area thanks to the water of the Tagliamento river, dominates together with the chromatic softness of the flora. In the absolute silence you can listen to the sounds of nature: the wind rustling through the trees, the wingbeat of the seagulls and the chirping of the sparrows. Many species of birds and other animals live undisturbed in the wood. In the pinewood a fair quantity of mushrooms can not escape careful observer’s attention.