Dog-friendly Beach

The beach for dogs is situated at the east zone of Bibione, Sector 1, via Procione, Lido dei Pini.


Hours: 08:00 – 19:00

1. Every dog can have access to the beach if identified with microchip or if tattooed; dogs coming from foreign countries have to have the anti rabies vaccination done.

2. It is recommended that owners, for the well being of the people and their pets, periodically do the vaccination prophylaxis for the main infective diseases (canine distemper, leptospirosis and parvovirosis) and the prophylaxis for the major infestive diseases (parasites) and do not take dogs with cardiovascular pathologies to the beach.

3. Each subject, before going to the beach must have an anti-tick/flea collar; dogs are required to be on a leash at least 1,5 metres long fixed to the ground or to a pole solidly placed in the sand in order to avoid the dog to run loose.

4. Pure bred or mixed bred dogs that are at risk of aggressiveness (herewith attached the law 14.01.2008, G.U. no 23 of 28.01.2008) have to wear a muzzle and kept leashed; whoever has dogs that are as above described must have an insurance policy of civil responsibility for injury against third parties caused by the dog.

5. The owner must be certain that the dog cannot reach the people that are near it; he or she must place a bowl always full of water near the dog at a reachable distance and be certain that the pet has some shade to lie in.

6. Dog-waste must be picked up and thrown in the appropriate bin, urine instead must be washed away with abundant sea water by the owner of the dog.

7. The dog’s bathing area is included in the water pool opposite the equipped area strand and is visible by floating signals.

8. Access to the sea is allowed to no more than five dogs at a time that must be immediately put on a leash as soon as they get out of the water; the owner of the dog must be present at all times.

9. The owner must do his best to avoid continuous barking or a too lively behaviour from their dog; if not he will have to leave the beach. This faculty can also be reserved to the surveillance and their unchallengeable judgement. Access to the beach is anyhow prohibited to animals with an aggressive syndrome or females on heat.

10. Every two hours the owner should take his dog out of the beach area for a walk.

11. he manager of the beach resort will decide which beach umbrella to give to each family with a dog and has the faculty to make any changes he or she may think is necessary in order to give an adequate service to all.

12. The dogs are not allowed to run around leash-free and to be left alone to themselves; the responsibility for damage caused by the animal is of the owner. Our personnel will check that the rules are respected.

13. If this regulation is not kept into consideration and not followed carefully, the lawbreaker will have to abandon the beach resort; morevoer the Directors, may contact the competent administrative authorities and health officers (police or local health services) in case there are any owners that do not obey the law (eg. the lack of microchip, disrespect for those rules concerning dangerous dogs, etc.