The Thermae, situated to Lignano Riviera, encircled from the sea and the pine-wood, offers beyond to the traditional services, also programs innovated you of treatment in the beauty field thanks to the new aesthetic Medicine Center help from one staff of specialists. Beginning from years’ 60 have been developed a series of equipments that take advantage of the property of the marine water, dealt and heated. Therefore the Thermae di Lignano has been specialized and asserted in the treatment of the respiratory apparatus and that muscles-bones apparatuas, thanks also to I use it of the sand and the seaweeds.

Moreover the center is taken care of:
• diet-therapy through treatments personalizes you for the cure of the obesities, thinnesies and hypothyroidism
• aesthetic treatments of the ace and the body by means of treatments anti−age, and hydrating with massage techniques
• ultrasounds

The Thermae offers also, thanks to staff highly specialized, treatments of Thalassotherapy
• Sands-blasting
• Massage in water of sea bathtub
• Massage with wavepress in water of sea

The thalassotherapy is a therapy that uses the therapeutic resources of the sea : the climate, the sand and water.

In the Institute of Thalassoterapy in Lignano, beyond to the water of sea, they come used seaweeds and the sand. These therapies are a lot indicated in the cure of pathologies of the bones, respiratory apparatus, in pathologies of skin, and chronic pathologies of the other respiratory ways.